Individually we are each bold, strong, smart and uniquely powerful. Together, we are unstoppable. 

TEMPO has learned much over the last three years as we adjusted to a new reality. The pandemic pushed us to overcome challenges and launch new opportunities. It forced us to adjust to the unknown. It allowed us to take risks and move out of our comfort zone. It caused us to lead with grace and empathy.

During this time, we also acknowledged the priorities of our members shifted. The boundaries of our member engagement were redrawn. The value of our member experience was redefined. Despite all of these variables, one thing remained constant and that was the support from our members and our corporate partners. Our number one priority was to ensure we did not lose this commitment while continuing to provide value through our member experience.

We are excited to launch our vision for the future in our 2023-2026 TEMPO Strategic Plan!

This new vision provides an opportunity for TEMPO to reimagine our future. Reimagine how our members engage with the organization and one another. Reimagine how to meet our members where they are both in their professional and personal journeys. Reimagine what it means to be the voice for equity for women in the workplace. And reimagine our expanded impact and value.

We are eager to work collectively with our members and our community partners on this essential strategic endeavor. A year of discovery lies before us and we are excited about the results our work together will yield. Thank you for your continued commitment to TEMPO!