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  • Friday, May 29: The Future of Gathering

    No one has a crystal ball, but it’s certain that the way people will gather at large events such as concerts, festivals and sporting events will not be the same as the state and municipalities begin to phase out of Safer at Home. In this TEMPO Talks session, three local leaders will share what they’re hearing about the future of gathering in large groups, what it means for tourism and hospitality, predictions for what the transition to a new normal will look like and how their organizations are preparing. Additionally, we’ll talk about making the most of our Milwaukee summer! This year will look a little different, but there are still plenty of things to get excited about and ways to enjoy the longer days and warmer temps that we wait all year for.
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  • Friday, June 5: Are Employee Resource Groups More Important than Ever?

    Special Women's Affinity Alliance program 
    *NOTE NEW TIME: NOON-1:00 P.M.*
    Are employee resource groups more important than ever? And, what role do ERGs (or business resource groups, affinity groups or networks) play amid COVID-19? First, Krista Brookman, Vice President Learning and Advisory Services with Catalyst, will share the top trends she's hearing right now related to diversity, equity and inclusion and opportunities for ERGs to plug in and add value. Then, three Milwaukee leaders, Lisa Cieslak, Tiffany Davister and Elizabeth Strike, will discuss what they are doing to engage group members, maintain connections, and provide a much-needed sense of belonging to employees right now.
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  • Friday, June 26: Unconscious Bias 

    Special Professional Development program
    Join us for this special TEMPO Talks in partnership with TEMPO Milwaukee's Professional Development committee. Participants will explore key concepts and gain a deeper understanding of what unconscious bias in the workplace looks like and learn how to respond effectively to situations where biases are being perceived and demonstrated. They will also be introduced to powerful tools and resources, including the KIND framework and The Ladder Inference to better understand why people viewing the same set of evidence can draw quite different conclusions and how being KIND can improve your business results.
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